The marble and travertine blocks are supplied from the well-known quarries in the region, processed carefully, and delivered on due time.
The gang-saw slabs, tiles as well as the cut-to-size elements are produced with honed, polished or brushed surface finishings with smooth touch.
Equipped with water and stone recycling, multi-lifting stations, and safe / clean working principles, it is one of the leading environment friendly natural stone factories in our region.
Production Equipment:
1 monowire gang-saw
2 gang-saws – 70 blades
1 SIMEC slab drying and catalysis system – 20 trays
1 SIMEC CNC – 6 axis
1 slab polishing line – 12 spindles
1 slab cross-cutting line – 16 spindles
7 cranes
1 waste water recycling system with filterpress
Slab production: 150.000sqm/year