Danta Marmor & Travertine
Danta Marmor & Travertine
Danta Marmor & Travertine
Danta Marmor & Travertine
Danta Marmor & Travertine
Danta Marmor & Travertine
Danta Marmor & Travertine

Travertine, Marble Natural Stones from Turkey

Danta Marmor factory is specialized in producing and exporting
travertine and marble slabs and tiles as well as realizing 3D architectural designs.
The factory offers various size, form, and finishings of natural stone products to customers at home and abroad.
The CNC machinery enables to work out special architectural project elements of natural stone
such as facade components, showertrays, sinks, countertops, balusters, columns etc. 
All works are carried out in the processing plant in Denizli, which is designated as the major travertine reserve in Turkey.
The factory covers 3.000sqm closed area on a 15.000sqm land.
DANTA Marmor is committed to strict quality control, application of the most up-to-date technology,
timely deliveries and offers a dependable after sales service.
DANTA Marmor is a member of DANTA Group of Companies.
The factory buildings of the Group are located in the Industrial Zone of Denizli.


Our 5+1 axis CNC marble machine has been specially developed for higher precision and driving speed. The CNC Milling and CNC Lathe has been designed to meet the marble requirements of architectural projects. Both in single-part production and in series production, the milling machine delivers high-precision results at considerable speed. The customer oriented designs are led to production through CAD/CAM process, breathing life into stone with fine details. Each object turns into a unique masterpiece unifying the outstanding texture of stone with design esthetics, and enriches its immediate surroundings with its presence.   Our company participates in architectural projects including facade elements, shower trays, columns, pillars, balusters, countertops, mouldings, staircases, pool/spa furnishings, landscape objects etc. 

We’re proud to be a member of Danta Group, running by the family more than 70 years in industrial manufacturing.
We are committed to the timely deliveries of natural stones in various specifications at home and abroad.
We supply special products for your unique projects as well as the classical surfaces and dimensions.
We support each other to achieve the goals, and proud to be the part of the success.
The employees’ background is periodically updated by trainings. We provide safe, healthy, and clean working environment.
Environmental awareness is to understand the fragility of our environment and the importance of its protection.